Disease Control and Prevention Center Researching the Effectiveness of Wearing more than One Mask

Various scientific bodies, concerned organizations, and national governments are becoming proactive about dealing with the Covid-19 virus once and for all. A while ago, the United Kingdom’s government expressed plans to fund studies into the effect of using the combination of two vaccines.

In a recent development, the disease control and prevention center is thinking in another direction.

The Latest Study in Resolving the Covid-19 Pandemic

This institute is researching the implication of wearing more than one mask in curbing the spread of the virus. This is in light of various schools of thought that agree and disagree on the effectiveness or otherwise of using more than one face mask.

In one of the recent press briefings, the institute’s director – Rochelle Walensky explained the aim of the institute in conducting prompt but productive research and hoping that “more data will be forthcoming”

Certain Personnel Believe Wearing two Masks Is Effective

As things are, there are no validations from the institute or any viable body claiming that the use of two or more facial masks is effective. However, some influential figures believe something as little as this can help change the course of history by curbing the spread of the virus.

For instance, a prominent expert of infectious disease – Anthony Fauci explained that it was more likely a better approach to combating the spread of the virus. He stressed that he often makes use of two masks himself and that “there's nothing wrong with people wearing two masks”.

New Variant Putting Key players on Their Toes

It has not all been bad news as there has been a decline in the spread of the virus. However, scientists and medical personnel are not relaxed especially given the discovery of a new variant of the virus. This is since this variant has been discovered to reduce the potency of vaccines.

So, researches such as these are encouraged in the bid to bring this pandemic and its resultant effects to a standstill.

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