Jokes to make you laugh

Everyone loves people with a sense of humor because they can make you laugh and be happy, which is good for the heart. That being said, wouldn't it be great to have some funny jokes to tell your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend? Plus, it could also help your conversation go better. In this article, we will provide you with several lists of funny lines

The best corny jokes that will make everyone laugh

Here is a list of 9 corny jokes to tell your lovely girlfriend or boyfriend, or even your lover:

  1. 1 What do you call a coughing pony? A little hoarse.
    2 What do you call someone with a rubber tip? Roberto.
    3 Why did the skeleton have to go to the party alone? He had "no body" to go with him.
    4 What did a shark say to his friend when he ate a clown fish? Well, it tastes a little funny.
    5 What do runners eat before a race? Nothing, because they are fasting!
    6 Did you know why melons have weddings? Because they cantaloupe.
    7 What do you name a factory that only sells passable products? A satisfactory one!

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Fun pun ideas that will make your crush laugh out loud

Here's a list of 5 fun puns that will make everyone laugh, especially your crush:

  1. 1 Did you know how much money a pirate pays for corn? A buccaneer.
    2 Why do seagulls have to fly over the sea? Well, they can't fly over the bay! If they did, they would be bagels.
    3 What would you say if I said "you deserve better"? I don't know your answer, but I would say "you just read my mind"!
    4 Excuse me? Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda only has one for me!
    5 Do you want to know what I'm craving right now? Pizza. But more like pizza you.

Now you can make your crush or anyone else laugh with our lists of funny jokes. .

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